Cheryl Pasternak             Executive Committee Member/Office Mgr.                        

MHOA State Office       360-373-2436

Judith White                  LAT Chairperson/LL/TT/Coalition/Exec Board

John Dawson                  Exexutive Committee Member                                  

Steve Aarestad              Executive Committee Member, Tech/Web Support/Treasurer                                   

Bob Prucha                     Executive Committee Member

Ed Broker                       Executive Committee Member/District Splits

Dominique Chandler        Executive Committee Member

Vacant                            District Director District 1

Ed Broker                       District Director District 2

John Dawson                  District Director District 3A

Dominique Chandler        District Director District 3B    

Vacant                            District Director District 4 

Dee Dee Myers              District Director District 5

Vacant                            District Director District 6

Vacant                            District Director District 7 

Vacant                            District Director District 8

We are in dire need of District Directors.  If at all possible, please  volunteer.  It is not difficult to do, plus we have training manuals.

This job is truly gratifying!

We are officially an Executive Board; but still need District Directors, Office Mg. Assistant, and Committee Members to assist us in keeping business going for membership, etc. 

Thank You for your Understanding and Cooperation.